Official History of
The Great War

Military Operations France & Belgium
Transportation on The Western Front &
occupation of the Rhineland

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New Naval and Military Press DVD-Rom that packs all France and Belgium Official Histories for The Great War, including the eight separate map cases into one fully-searchable and user-friendly archive.

This DVD-ROM is a complete record of the war on the Western Front, 1914- 1918. It contains all fourteen volumes of text describing operations in France and Belgium, plus the 160 oversized maps contained within the separate eight cases of operational and situation maps,  (most volumes of the Official History included maps within each volume, these are found within the appropriate text volumes), and the four volumes of appendices. Additionally, it has the volumes Transportation on the Western Front, with its separate case of maps, and the Occupation of the Rhineland 1918-1929

DVD-Rom contents

1914 Vol I Mons, the retreat to the Seine, the Marne and the Aisne
1914 Vol II Antwerp, La Bassée,Arnetieres, Messines and Ypres
1915 Vol I Winter 1914-15: Battle of Neuve Chapelle:
Battles of Ypres
1915 Vol II Battles of Aubers Ridge, Festubert, and Loos
1916 Vol I Sir Douglas Haig’s Command to the 1st July: Battle of the
Somme. Covers the first six and a half months of Haig’s command,
culminating with the opening day of the Somme.
1916 Vol II 2nd July 1916 to the end of the Battles of the Somme
1917 Vol I The German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line and the
Battle of Arras
1917 Vol II Messines and Third Ypres (Passchendaele)
1917 Vol III The Battle of Cambrai
1918 Vol I The German March Offensive and its Preliminaries
1918 Vol II March-April: Continuation of the German Offensives
1918 Vol III May-July:The German Diversion Offensives and First
Allied Counter-Attack
1918 Vol IV The Franco-British Offensive
1918 Vol V 26th September – 11th November.
The Advance to Victory
1916.Vol I. Appendices
1916.Vol II.
1917.Vol I. Appendices
1918.Vol I.
Transportation on the Western Front
The Occupation of the Rhineland 1918-29

Plus eight cases of operational and situation maps

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Text volumes
• Interrogate the text volumes with their bound-in colour maps using the powerful search tool adobe reader

• Find references to place names, people, and all manner of great war terms, for instance Haig... Bapaume... Gas... Ammunition... Casualties... Australian... Aircraft... Lancaster Regiment... Cambrai...Trench... Indian Corps. All available at the touch of the key board, instead of days of hard work trawling through the printed books.

• Print the pages that are relevant to your research

• Of course it is still possible to conventionally read the volumes on screen page by page
Map Cases
• Examine in detail, and in colour, the operational and situation maps.

• Short viewing notes have been provided by Dr Peter Chasseaud for each map

• Popular “search, locate, zoom and print” facility using ER Viewer remans in place, along with a full index of all maps contained in the eight separate cases of large maps

• Use these maps as they were intended, in full colour, and in conjunction with the text volume

British Trench Maps

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